Looking Back to Move Forward
March 19, 2020


The opposite of certain. To lack truth.
This is not a state in which I’m comfortable living, yet again and again it seems my reality.

When faced with seasons of uncertainty, my natural bent is to want to push forward and get out of that uncertain place, but is that really best?

I trust the Lord, therefore one way in which I can learn more about Him and how He might meet me in present need is to find patterns in the story of others. Take for instance:

The guy who was asked to lead, to make decisions for the health and safety of a large community, and didn’t want to. He wasn’t certain of his skill set, was often frustrated with the people he was asked to lead and burdened by their lack of competence and obedience. He lived most of his life trekking through arid, desert ground. His clothes were worn, his shoes long gone, beard mangled and dirty. His name was Moses, and he lived with uncertainty.

The young widow. Had she really just pledged to live with her mother-in-law, declining the protests from her mom and dad, giving up the culture where she could have been comfortable? Who does that?! Without a husband and no job-training to speak of could she really make it? It’s likely she approached those fields, saw the workers expertly harvesting, and wondered if she should have even showed up. What was she going to tell the woman she now called “mom” if there wasn’t enough grain that night to provide a meal for both of them? Her name was Ruth and she lived with uncertainty.

The wrongly convicted prisoner. There in the dank cell his mind likely tortured him with all the “should-haves”, wishing he could go back in time to make the present different. How many days did he walk up and down that filthy prison hallway wondering why? Why the broken family? Why the deceit? Why didn’t that guy remember to tell someone about him and get him out of here by now? His name was Joseph and he lived with uncertainty.

Sometimes heroes and heroines of the Bible seem like unrelatable, super-humans. But perhaps with a more honest assessment, they were a little more like you and me. In all of these stories (and I promise, if you keep looking, you’ll find quite the series of uncertain situations throughout biblical history), the narrative is interrupted with a huge BUT GOD.

He wasn’t qualified…but GOD.

She was stuck…but GOD.

He was without hope…but GOD.

My life is uncertain…but GOD is not.

History proves that He is a God worth trusting. He is not a God that plucks us immediately from discomfort, but He is personal, certain, unchanging. I face a difficult season and I want to move past it, but if I do that I risk missing out on broadening and widening my view of God.

My hope in uncertainty, therefore, becomes the only one who is certain. The one who says “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life”. Thank you, Jesus, for being truth when my circumstances are without.

– Kimberly Beckler

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