Youth ministry

Nicknamed Code RED, the youth ministry was created to support the families of young adults. The aim is to help young people know and delight in the gospel and help them navigate common issues facing 6th-12th graders.  We do that by hosting teaching meetings, parent/teen small groups, service & ministry opportunities, youth activities & socials, and an annual Youth Camp in August. We are excited about what God is doing and will do through our Code RED youth ministry!





If my family attends another church (or does not regularly attend any church), can my student still attend the youth group?

Absolutely! While we encourage students to worship with their family and to attend youth group at their church if it is available, we realize that many churches are not able to support a youth ministry program. We welcome any young adult to check out Code RED!

Is there any cost to Code RED?

Most often, no! But occasionally when we create events (like laser tag, bowling, or ice skating) there is a nominal fee.

Who is overseeing Code RED?

Code RED is a group effort. Many of our parents and pastors are involved in planning, hosting, and leading Code RED each month.

What happens during a typical gathering at Code RED?

Though our events and gatherings vary, almost all involve a time of musical worship, prayer, an activity, and discussion centered around Christ and His teachings.

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Sunday Gathering Address:
1300 Paper Mill Rd,
Newark, DE 19711

Mailing Address:
11 Polly Drummond Shopping Center
Newark, DE 19711

Phone: 302-722-5956



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